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Enjoy Winter’s Tranquility at Santeetlah

Life at Santeetlah brings year-round enjoyment, including the coldest, whitest winter days. The quiet stillness of a snowy day or the brightness of a sunny yet chilly day can center and calm you, almost like a meditation with Mother Nature herself.

If you’re burned out from the holidays, year-end projects, and the most challenging and difficult year in modern history (thank you, COVID) a winter break at Lake Santeetlah could be just what you need to boost your mood, relax, and recharge.

A mid-winter escape, whether enjoyed from the coziness of the indoors or outside amid the stunning beauty of Lake Santeetlah, is sure to lift your spirits.

Imagine yourself in the beautiful wintry surroundings…

Everything is slowing down…

You’re breathing in the crisp air…..

In….and out….the cold air calming you….

……your mind and body are relaxing among the silence. Ahhh. So peaceful. So quiet.

Use the beautiful wintry surroundings at Santeetlah to find an inner stillness. Take a slow look around and admire the beauty.

The snow-covered trees and mountains…..

Snow piling atop a fencepost and on rooftops…..

Flurries falling from branches as a light wind blows. Ahhh. So peaceful. So quiet.

Take a walk down to the lakeside and observe the crystal clear, chilly water lapping on the shore. Look closely at the wildlife nearby – the birds and chipmunks, and maybe even a white tail deer. Feel the peace of winter encircling you and enjoy the serenity.  Get in touch with nature and use the quiet to disconnect and recharge.

Winter at Lake Santeetlah can have a restorative effect. Use this time of quiet to restore calm thoughts and gratitude by bringing positivity into focus as you are surrounded by the natural beauty.

Get in touch with nature. Find an inner stillness. Embrace a new sense of calm.

To enhance your meditation experience, visit The Gleanings Foundation, a local retreat facility that offers metaphysical workshops, yoga, stress reduction classes and other therapeutic experiences. While you’re here, swing by and take a tour of Santeetlah Lakeside’s private waterfront community during this most peaceful time of year.

Breathe in, relax and schedule a tour today.

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